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On the Right Path


Earlier this year, a Blue Ribbon task force that I appointed to examine Suffolk County’s budget crisis informed us that we were facing a three-year budget deficit of $530 million – a shocking number that was far worse than we could have imagined.

With your support, we have taken the tough measures needed to pull our county out of this mess and avert a fiscal disaster. In just the past few weeks, I am proud to say that we have taken important steps to move Suffolk County forward including unanimous, bipartisan support for a contract with the PBA. And I am particularly proud to say something many thought unthinkable several months ago—I introduced a balanced budget which stays within the...| read more ››

Letter: Karl Rove political ads can't be trusted

Photo credit: AP | Karl Rove after a TV interview at the Democratic Convention (Sept. 4, 2012)

The story "Karl Rove and LI race: Group founded by GOP strategist aids Altschuler" [News, Sept. 19] is infuriating.

His nonprofit political action committee Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies receives donations from corporations and the very rich, who remain anonymous. It is peppering TV with his ads, half-truths or outright lies, trying to get his people elected.

These antics were used in the George W. Bush-John Kerry campaign in 2004, by the tea party in 2010, and now he's back again disrupting our democracy.

Ignore these ads!|

Suffolk Notebook: Bellone Balances Budget, Stays Under Cap


Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone on Friday released a proposed 2013 budget that erases the county's deficit while keeping increases under the state's 2 percent tax cap.

Bellone's budget, which the executive said increases less than 1 percent year-over-year, freezes the county's spending while enacting a slate of new measures meant to rein in costs.| read more ››

National Welcoming Week Nets "Major Results" in NY


NEW YORK – National Welcoming Week, an effort to promote meaningful talks on immigration, has netted some big results in New York. It's being viewed as a major change for Suffolk County, according to Maryann Slutsky, director of Long Island Wins.

Under the past administration, says Slutsky, people who wanted to talk constructively about immigration were "drowned out with negative rhetoric." That's why she's pleased that County Executive Steve Bellone decided to host National Welcoming Week in Suffolk County.| read more ››

Bishop: GOP Chooses My Way Over Our Highways


Last summer, our nation’s creditworthiness was held hostage to political gamesmanship by Republicans, causing significant damage to the economy and public confidence in the federal government. More recently, the critical operations of the Federal Aviation Administration were hamstrung for weeks by the injection of partisan posturing into a traditionally nonpartisan issue — airline safety.| read more ››