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What would Lincoln do or say at a time like this?


Letter to the Editor,

What would Lincoln do or say at a time like this?

The political party founded upon the aspirations and principled beliefs of Abraham Lincoln was exposed as a hollow shell of itself as the son of the 45th President of the United States declared the Republican Party as the “Party of Trump”, while he recently fanned the flames of disruption and tyranny in Washington D.C. The current President himself, in full public view, instigated and provoked an attack on the Nation’s Capitol while a joint session of Congress was at work. Disruption by any means possible to retain power appears to be the only aspiration of the Trumps. It is a disruption of legal and Constitutional...| read more ››

Joe Biden needs Georgia Democrats


Dear Biden voters:


Congratulations to all of us. Electing Joe Biden is a testament to our commitment locally and nationally.  However, in order for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris to have any chance at carrying out a Democratic agenda, it is imperative that Democrats win the Georgia runoffs for the US Senate in January.  We all have a stake in the outcome.


...|

Suffolk's first Tim Hortons store would close a car repair shop


Bolla Market plans to bring a popular Canadian coffee shop to a Smithtown gas station, ousting the mechanics who have made a living there for four years. Garden City-based Bolla has applied for a special exception and variances to expand its convenience store at an 819 W. Jericho Tpke. Mobil station to include a Tim Hortons, Suffolk County’s first, adding a drive-thru but eliminating two repair bays rented by Olusegun "Victor" Sogbesan and a partner, Omar Hernandez…

…Singh gave $5,000 to a campaign fund for Smithtown Supervisor Edward Wehrheim in 2019, the fund’s single largest donation since its 2006 inception; Altman’s firm has given $6,300 since 2010. Town spokeswoman Nicole Garguilo said that Bolla representatives had not spoken with the...| read more ››

Civic group advocates against 300+ proposed apartments in Smithtown


Civic group advocates against 300+ proposed apartments in Smithtown

There's a battle over a new plan to build more than 300 apartments in Smithtown. A proposed mixed-use development in Long Island Innovation Park in Hauppauge is facing opposition from a civic group.

James Bouklas, president of We Are Smithtown, says some of the reasons he and members of the organization are not in favor of the proposed development include increased congestion and strain on town services they believe it would bring....

Read more and see the video at News12 Long Island...| read more ››