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LTE: America's Way Forward


After reading Zeldin Wants to Forget About Jan 6th Events – Not So Fast, I spent hours reading Mr. Zeldin’s incendiary comments made shortly after his supporters stormed our national capitol.  I also studied the court cases, biographies of judges who decided the cases, legislative press releases, reports of elected and appointed officials and other legal and legislative documents that disprove Mr. Zeldin’s allegations of election fraud.  It seems from the original documents that Mr. Zeldin is sadly mistaken and either has an inability to understand the legal issues involved or a desire to ignore the truth.

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Editorial: Zeldin Wants To Forget About Jan 6th Events - Not So Fast


Congressman Lee Zeldin (CD1) wants a kumbaya moment. You know, the moment when you become a convert and wrap your arms around peace, harmony and justice for all.  Most residents in CD 1 want this too.  

Unfortunately for Mr. Zeldin and for voters it is not the time to put the events of January 6 behind us and it would be wrong to do so. There are too many questions about the events that transpired that day and many questions regarding how the behaviors of elected officials, including Lee Zeldin led to...| read more ››

Editorial: Ask Questions And Remember To Wear Your Thinking Cap


Open your eyes, close your mouth and put on your thinking cap. Advice that was commonplace in the 20th century. It means look, stop talking, listen and finally use your brain. It was sound advice then and it is sound advice today. 

I, like so many others in our country, am trying to understand what happened in Washington DC this week. We all should have the same questions: How did something like this happen? How is it that security at the Capitol was so ineffective that hundreds were able to successfully commit...| read more ››

America Under Siege


America was irrevocably changed on January 6, 2021 in ways that will become clearer once we are able to take a collective breath and recover from the shock of the violence on our government.  Make no mistake – this was unlawful violence perpetrated by an angry mob opposed to the rule of law that governs our democracy. 

This violence was not an act of civil disobedience designed to right a wrong committed by our government or legal system - it was mob violence in support of an individual who has convinced American...| read more ››