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Town Supervisor Candidate Steve Snair - 10% Pay Cut For Supervisor


Snair Pledges to Slash Salary as Supervisor

Monday, September 30, 2013

SMITHTOWN, NY – Steve Snair, the Democratic, Independence, and Working Families candidate for Smithtown town supervisor, pledged his commitment to be a full-time supervisor, and that he intends to cut his annual salary by 10% once in office.

“There are many challenges facing this government. In these tough economic times we need to be proactive when it comes to saving money for taxpayers. It is incumbent upon our elected officials to remove waste, fraud and redundancy so that we continue to make our government efficient as possible. That’s why today, as a sign of my commitment towards increasing efficiency, I pledge to cut my annual salary as supervisor by 10%,” said Snair.

The current annual salary for the supervisor is $111,635. Since taking office in 1978, Supervisor Vecchio has consistently received numerous salary increases. In 1998, Supervisor Vecchio’s annual salary was $73,336; since then, his annual salary has increased over 50%. A 10% pay cut to the supervisor’s salary would get it below the salaries of both, the town supervisors of Islip and Southampton.

“We need reassurances from our politicians that they are committed to doing more with less. I hope this pledge serves as a reminder to the voters that I am serious about saving money and looking out for their best interests,” added Snair.

Snair challenged his opponents, Supervisor Vecchio and Councilman Creighton, to make the same pledge to reduce the supervisor’s salary, “I’ve put my money where my mouth is. I encourage my opponents to do the same.”