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Tom McCarthy Announces “Vets Top the List” Initiative

Press Release
Tom McCarthy for Smithtown Highway Superintendent

October 29, 2013 Tel: 631-332-7618
Tom McCarthy Announces “Vets Top the List” Initiative
Smithtown Highway Candidate Vows to End Political Patronage
SMITHTOWN, N.Y. – Smithtown Highway Superintendent candidate Thomas McCarthy’s
“Vets Top the List” imitative has been widely acclaimed across the entire political spectrum.
Introducing his plan at the Kings Park Chamber of Commerce candidate forum, Mr. McCarthy
said, “Smithtown already has Veteran’s Highway- now we’ll have Highways built by Veterans!”
“I have always opposed giving preference to any group- but Vets deserve a preference; they have
always held a special place in my heart,” Mr. McCarthy continued. “And the best part is, my new
program not only provides high paying quality jobs for Vets, but saves money for the residents
of Smithtown.”
The program is estimated to save tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars that are normally used to
train newly hired highway workers.
“Our servicemen are already fully experienced. They’ve built roads in the “hell-hole” that is
Afghanistan,” Mr. McCarthy noted. “Repairing Smithtown’s highways, without the fear of
enemy fire, should be a piece of cake!”
Instituting Mr. McCarthy’s program also ends the egregious practice of political patronage in the
Smithtown Highway Department.
“All new hirings will be based on possessing a particular skill set- not on a family or political
relationship,” Mr. McCarthy concluded. “It’s my ardent desire that our “Vets Top the List”
program spreads to every department of all Town governments throughout Long Island!”
Tom McCarthy is the Democratic and Independence Party’s candidate for Smithtown
Superintendent of Highways. Throughout his dynamic thirty-five year business career, Tom has
served as Vice President, General Manager, Regional Manager and Director for various service
firms including Fortune 100 Companies.