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Steven Snair, Democratic candidate for Smithtown supervisor, outlines plan


Democratic supervisor candidate Steven E. Snair has released his plan for Smithtown, calling for the revitalization of downtown and creation of tax incentives to attract more businesses.

"Residents here in Smithtown realize that our town government isn't doing enough to address the serious challenges we face," Snair said in a statement. "If we create more economic development and broaden our tax base, and streamline government by making it more efficient, we'll reduce our overall bottom line and pass the savings on to the taxpayer."

Snair, 31, a Nesconset foreclosure attorney, also said he would address the "growing vacancy rate in the [Hauppauge] industrial park" and complete an updated master plan within nine months of taking office.

would "work as efficiently as possible."

According to his plan, ways to increase efficiency include greater constituent accessibility to Town Hall and the supervisor's office, repurposing town employees without layoffs and consolidating outdated or redundant town departments.

"Over the last several years, our town government has become a landing spot for political hires and favors," according to the plan, which did not specifically name anyone or any specific program. "This has resulted in a decline in overall service quality."

Snair pledged to cut through "bureaucracy and red tape" so residents and businesses can receive proper permits in a timely manner.

Republican Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio, who is running for re-election, declined to comment. Republican Smithtown Councilman Robert Creighton, who is also running for town supervisor, said Snair's plan "sounds very similar to some of the things that I've said . . . people will get a real choice if they vote for Mr. Snair or for me."