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Shame on Zeldin Day!

Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 10:30am to 12:00pm
Long Island Action

This is a moment of truth for the resistance! We must let Zeldin know that we are outraged by his vote for the AHCA and horrified by his lack of humanity. Come listen to our healthcare experts.....take an "#I am a pre-existing condition” selfie in front of our SHAME banner.....share your health care story.....and march in our procession led by the Grim Reaper! If you can, bring tombstone-shaped signs that make it clear how you feel about the AHCA or that simply say "Shame on Zeldin.” Dress in black as a sign we're in mourning for the loss of our healthcare. And if you have a bell, bring it to ring the traditional sound of shame while we march!
Some suggestions, if you need them, for tombstone-shaped signs
RIP Coverage Denied
ACA Repeal Killed Me
RIP-Premium Too High
RIP-Killed by Tax Cuts
RIP-Disease Undetected
RIP-Death by Medicaid Cuts
RIP-24 Million

Congressman Lee Zeldin's Office, 31 Oak St , Patchogue, NY, United States