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Richard Macellaro for Town Council

Richard Macellaro for Town Council

Please click the links below for Richard's letter and Palm Card.

Dear Friend,
In just a few short weeks, you can help me shape the future of Smithtown. I seek the Office of Town Councilmember, because I believe that Smithtown needs “A Different Voice, A Different Choice,” to face the new and ever changing challenges affecting its growth and development.
I represent the “Next General of Leadership” that must deal with the many issues and concerns that residents, home owners, businesses, industries, seniors, young professionals and new families, will face in the years ahead, in order to stabilize and safeguard our Town and resources.
I will represent your voice and choose the best course of action, that’s in the best of interest of Smithtown, by being a “Full-Time, Part-Time” Councilmember.
Smithtown needs a plan for its future growth and development. A Master Plan is a like a road map to a desired destination. I will demand that a “Master Plan” be implemented, ASAP!

Smithtown needs more community participation in all levels of town governance. I support a Smithtown Planning and Coordinating Council, comprised of community organizations, civic and business leaders and advocacy groups, who will plan and develop growth initiatives.

Smithtown needs a government where everyone works together. I will Represent A Balance on the Town Board by encouraging compromise and reducing conflict.
Smithtown must enforce existing Town code and zoning regulations. I will demand that we Upgrade and Enforce these codes and regulations.

A Smithtown Councilmember, must vote on many issues and concerns affecting our lifestyle. I will Vote On All Matters that impact your interest and our Town’s future.

I need your Vote. Please Vote for me on Tuesday, November 5th. Thank you.
PS. I need your Financial Support. Please contribute to “The Friends of Richard Macellaro.”

Richard S. Macellaro

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