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"Mr. Malloy Take Down This Sign" Smithtown Democratic Chairman Ed Maher

Malloy Sign

Update on Friday August 30, 2013 by Ed Maher

This sign has been removed.

Smithtown Democratic Chairman Ed Maher is not happy with this billboard located on a residential property on Pulaski Rd. in Kings Park. The problem, according to Maher, is that Malloy is not on the Independence line. “The sign, in addition to being wrong, is misleading. Malloy and his supporters should take the reference to Independence off the sign or take it down”, said Maher. (Councilman Malloy was not available to comment)

Update on Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 11:19PM by

“I’m glad that Mr. Malloy saw fit to cover the “Independence” on his sign that is displayed on Pulaski Road. It is now at least accurate if not still ugly. Mr. Malloy is not the Independence Party’s candidate. In the Smithtown Town Government elections The Independence Party has endorsed Steve Snair for Town Supervisor, Richard Macellaro & Adam Halpen for Town Council, Eddie Haeffer for Town Clerk and Tom McCarthy for Highway Superintendent. I hope all the Independence voters will come out in November and vote for these excellent candidates.” Ed Maher