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Letter To The Editor - Myth of GOP Financial Responsibility Exposed

Edward Maher

Republican Controlled Smithtown Facing Looming Credit Downgrade

Myth of GOP Financial Responsibility is Exposed

SMITHTOWN, NY- At the June 23 Town Board meeting that was not publicized in advance, Town Comptroller Donald Musgnug warned the Board “that a lower credit rating was a possibility” and recommended that “nonessential positions be left vacant.”

“For too long, Republicans have had free reign over the Town budget and have become complacent,” said Smithtown Democratic Chairman Ed Maher. “Now in the era of Governor Cuomo’s tax-cap restrictions, the myth of the GOP being the party of financial responsibility has been exposed.”

“Based on the Comptroller’s report, there are three important issues that should concern every resident of Smithtown,” continued Mr. Maher. “First, taxpayers will likely see a decline in the services they receive as town departments operate with diminished resources. Secondly, the Republican Smithtown government does not believe it can balance the budget without raising taxes.”

“And finally, and perhaps most worrisome to Smithtown homeowners, is the comptroller’s comments concerning the decline in mortgage recording tax revenue,” said Mr. Maher. “The decreased mortgage tax revenue is an indication of lower home sale prices or activity, a disturbing trend that can only be worsened by diminished town services.”

“Comptroller Donald Musgnug said, ‘We have to continue to tighten our belts’,” concluded Chairman Maher, “but in reality, Smithtown wouldn’t be in this predicament today if the All-GOP Town Council actually lived up to its undeserved reputation.”

Ed Maher,
Smithtown Democratic Committee