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Larry Vetter Op-ED - When Did We All Stop Expecting Integrity From Politicians

Larry Vetter

By Larry Vetter

When did we all stop expecting integrity from our politicians?

I belong to a number of networking groups for my business. Networking groups consist primarily of entrepreneurs and management employees that are looking for ways to expand business. Networking is a way of marketing that gives you an opportunity to not only understand other business, their needs and issues, but also the individuals themselves. After a time, networking partners become personal friends.

In one such networking group, there is a young man struggling to build his own company that I had befriended. In the meetings we often discuss our unique selling points, how they work and how others may adapt them. I have always felt and stressed that integrity and honesty were the cornerstone of my business and all those within my networking groups have come to know me for that.

Shortly after I was nominated to run for the Town Council position, I mentioned this fact to all my networking groups. After one such meeting, the young man approached me wished me luck and said, “I understand that now you will have to say things that aren’t necessarily true”. I was somewhat taken aback and said that was absolutely not true and I am not changing the ways I live and I work to win a position. We quickly cleared up that misconception, however it did leave me pause to think.

Are we at a point where we expect that little of out public servants? Do we now just shrug our shoulders and expect the lie, expect the broken promises and expect the slipshod services. If I am to be honest with myself, I have to admit I have fallen into that line of reasoning. I often cynically realize that very little that is promised or guaranteed ever becomes reality.

Isn’t it time we hold our public servants to the same standards we expect from our vendors, from services we employ, from goods we purchase, from friends that we have made? Should we not choose individuals at the ballot box that we know are honorable and will fulfill their promises? Isn’t it time we vote for the best and not the lesser of evils? I sincerely hope that this year on Election Day, we begin the process of weeding out the dead wood and replacing with individuals that can deliver what they promise.

Larry Vetter is a Smithtown resident and a buisness owner. He is running for Smithtown Town Council on the Democratic line.