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Joe Biden needs Georgia Democrats

Smithtown Dems

Dear Biden voters:


Congratulations to all of us. Electing Joe Biden is a testament to our commitment locally and nationally.  However, in order for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris to have any chance at carrying out a Democratic agenda, it is imperative that Democrats win the Georgia runoffs for the US Senate in January.  We all have a stake in the outcome.


Many of you are already volunteering in some way.  For those of you who are wondering how you can help elect Georgia Democrats to the US Senate, here are just a few links as a guide.  If you are already using a different site, please continue to do so.  


Remember, the campaigns need phone banking and texting, but equally important, they need donations.  Literature and commercials are expensive, and the National GOP is pouring lots of dollars into the Republican candidates for their campaigns.


To Donate

For both Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock--joint donation site-

Combined grass roots organizations including Stacy Abrams Fair Fight:

To volunteer for phone banking activities

Jon Ossoff:

Raphael Warnock:

To volunteer to write letters for both Jon Ossoff & Raphael Warnock

To write postcards for both:

Flip the West:


Dec. 7 - Deadline to register

Dec. 14 - Early in-person voting begins

Jan. 5 - Election Runoff

Together we can make a real difference.  A win by Warnock and Ossoff means that Vice President Harris casts the deciding vote in the Senate in the event of a tie.  What a fabulous result that would be.

Any question please contact the Action Committee by email at

Smithtown Democratic Action Committee

Jan Singer, Chairperson