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Democrat Zove Announces Plan To Run For NYS Assembly


“We must set the bar high to ensure that our state is a leader in economic growth, environmental sustainability and a place where our children have the resources to excel inside and outside of the classroom.” Jason Zove

My name is Jason Zove and I am a Democrat who is looking to become Assemblyperson in NY’s eighth legislative district. Oh, by the way I’m only 26 years old and I am looking to unseat Michael Fitzpatrick. Groan, yawn, laugh may be your first reaction to the news. After all most people think Mike Fitzpatrick is popular, that his district is a bastion of Republican/Conservative voters, many of whom would not vote for a Democrat if their life depended on it. Okay, says Jason, your life may not depend on your vote but how about your wallet. This campaign is about economics and bringing resources into the district.

In a statement released to the press Zove states, “The voters of this district deserve a representative who will fight for Long Island families and put their best interests first, and I plan to do just that.” In a phone conversation with Mr. Zove, he explained how Fitzpatrick has failed the people in his legislative district. According to Zove, Mike Fitzpatrick has failed to do his job which is to bring resources home. Jason stated that Fitzpatrick’s reputation as the guy who says NO has been detrimental to constituents. “There are plenty of Republicans and Conservatives in New York State Government who do not support the Democratic agenda and still get funding for their districts.” Taxpayers in the eighth LD are hurt financially by Fitzpatrick’s inability to find a way to help his constituents.

Zove said he is not interested in making his campaign an attack on Fitzpatrick. What he is interested in doing is showing people how they will benefit from having an Assemblyperson whose interest is in making a difference in the community rather than creating a reputation as the guy who says NO.

Before Jason Zove gets to challenge the Assemblyman, he needs to become the official candidate of the Democrats who will begin to screen interested candidates this month. He is well versed in politics having served as a community liaison and a legislative aide in Suffolk County since 2010.

Jason Zove is a graduate of Commack High School, was a dual major in Secondary Education and History at Hofstra University, and earned his Mater’s Degree from SUNY Stony Brook.