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Victoria Gumbs Moore

Family Court Judge
Victoria Gumbs Moore

I am committed to treating all Family Court litigants with dignity and respect and ensuring that they receive the services they need to help them through their family crisis.
The Suffolk County Family Court is a civil court that handles matters involving Custody, Visitation, Orders of Protection, Juvenile Delinquents, Persons in Need of Supervision, Adoptions, Neglect, Abuse and Guardianships. Litigants come to the Family Court because of a shift in their family dynamic that requires legal intervention. Many times it is the first time that anyone in the family has been involved in the legal system. I have been working in the Family Court for several years as a Principal Law Clerk to the Supervising Judge and as a Court Attorney Referee. I feel it is important that the court provides the assistance that the family needs in an expeditious matter while focusing on ensuring that the resolution is positive and sustainable. I work towards resolution everyday because I know it is in the best interest of everyone for families to be successful whether living together or apart. Better families make better communities. Better communities make a better nation and we all benefit.