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Brian Burns

NYS Senate - 2nd SD

Brian Burns lives in Coram, NY with his partner Joey of 11 years and his 10 year-old shorkie named Cody. Brian has lived on Long Island for most of his 29 years and has a strong family and friends network that supports him. He loves living on Long island because it is such a unique and special place in the country.

He has worked in several different organizations throughout the island in the private-sector. He has several years of experience working in human resources, the education field and various retail establishments as well. Through the skills and talents Brian brings to the table, he has a unique perspective on society, culture and politics.

Brian believes that if you work hard, educate and enrich yourself in everything that life has to offer, that you should be able to chart your journey in a dynamic and sustainable way. Also, he believes in supporting others goals, finding the good in other people and harnessing those qualities to make everyone's life more enjoyable.

Through years of grueling but rewarding education, Brian has achieved several major academic accomplishments. Brian proudly holds the following degrees:

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and Economics, majoring in Human Resource Management - SUNY Empire State College
Master of Science in Human Resource Management - Walden University
Master of Science in Human Resource Management - Capella University
Master of Science in Legal Studies - Kaplan University
Master of Arts in Organizational Management - Ashford University
In addition, he is currently in the final stages of writing his dissertation for his Doctor of Business Administration degree, majoring in Human Resource Management, from Walden University.

Brian is solidly invested in strengthening his community, enriching the lives of others and improving the quality of life for everyone. He is running for New York State Senate District 2 to bring innovative changes, fairness and reasonable proposals from all sides of the political spectrum, to those whom he would serve and for all New Yorkers alike.