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Amy Fortunato

Smithtown Town Council


Amy Fortunato, has announced that she will run as a candidate for Smithtown Town Council in the November 2018 special election.  Her motivation comes from a commitment to local issues and an independent voice for transparency in Town government.  Willing to set aside partisan labels, Amy feels called to be a voice of empowerment for Smithtown taxpayers, pledging to hold government accountable; irrespective of party.   Her bold vision, administrative skills and fiscally conservative perspective represent the vital assets that Amy will bring to the Town Board.

Amy and her husband Joe bought their first home together in Smithtown in 1990. The Fortunato’s have raised their three children and two grandchildren here.  Amy is a successful community leader, a pastor with a Master’s degree from New York Theological Seminary, and a former Citibank manager with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. 

As a Pastor, Amy serves as a respected leader within the faith community.  Said Mrs. Fortunato, “While attending seminary, I learned what it means to truly listen.  I believe we need public servants who are stewards of the public trust.   We need honesty, transparency, and accountability.  We also need someone who will advocate for all interests, and not just those who are the most vocal and financially invested.”   She added, “I have worked for a multi-national bank, am a full-time mother and grandmother, and serve as a pastor; I am not a career politician.

‘I am truly concerned about ensuring that Smithtown is a place where future generations have the opportunity to thrive.  We can embrace our rich historical heritage while being mindful of opportunities to make responsible investments to improve our downtowns, our infrastructure, and our public safety.”

If elected, Amy will incorporate smart growth practices in town planning, revitalization, fight to keep our tax burden under control, focus on water quality issues, invest in traffic safety and infrastructure, and combat crime and substance abuse through early education programs.   Amy will work with all levels of government and utilize her contacts throughout county, local, and federal government to fiercely advocate for Smithtown’s future growth and readily respond to the community’s needs. 

Amy brings the benefit of reaching out and hearing from the residents of Smithtown.   Amy said, “Of all the training I received in Seminary, applying the ability to listen with understanding is critically important to provide the direction necessary in response to our town’s issues.”  Amy added, “It’s too easy for us to bring our own biases and partisan opinions into a conversation, preventing us from effectively hearing another person’s concerns. I plan to approach this position with an unbiased ear, endeavoring to listen to all points of view.”  

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