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Stay Out of My Space! 2020 Stay Home Event! Sept 15th to Oct 1st

Smithtown Democrats

Stay Out of My Space! 2020 Stay Home Event!

Date: September 15th to Oct 1th 2020

Time: Anytime!

Location: Your home! Your backyard! The end of the driveway! Anywhere there is nobody else! 

Please join us to support our 2020 Smithtown Democratic Candidates by not coming to a Zoom and by contributing $75 instead!

Stay in, binge more Netflix – and support the Smithtown Dems!

Order in from your favorite restaurant – and support the Smithtown Dems!

Invite your Dog, invite your Cat – and support the Smithtown Dems!

Please Become a Sponsor:
Lawn Sign Supporter $500  - Virtual Phone Bank Supporter $300 

Social Media Supporter $200 - Campaign Supporter $100

Sponsors will be posted on the Smithtown Democrats Facebook Page

All campaigns need money and your contribution will help our Smithtown Candidates put up signs, send out campaign mail, create social media promotions, and buy ads.

ALL Contributions will be accepted and greatly appreciated – your support will be put to good use to help turn our Town, House Seat, and Country BLUE!

Please make checks payable to the Smithtown Democratic Committee and send to:

Smithtown Democrats, PO Box 608, Smithtown, NY 11787

Donate online:

Or use the link on

Every contribution counts! Please kick in what you can – and Stay Safe!

Political contributions are not tax deductible.